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About Us

White Fence Surgical Suites is located in New Albany, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, and less than 20 minutes from Port Columbus International Airport.



Since White Fence Surgical Suites’ inception, its surgeons have performed more than 2,500 outpatient joint replacements—more than any other outpatient center in the United States.

World-class surgeons from Joint Implant Surgeons

White Fence Surgical Suites was founded in 2013 by world-class surgeons from Joint Implant Surgeons, an orthopedic practice established over 40 years ago. These doctors designed this state-of-the-art center to allow the vast majority of their patients to safely travel home the day of surgery.

White Fence Surgical Suites is one of the world’s leading outpatient joint replacement surgery centers where patients travel from around the country for total hip, knee, partial knee, shoulder replacement and sports-related surgeries and can be driven or flown home the day of surgery.


For each total hip, total knee, partial knee and shoulder replacement—minimally invasive, muscle-sparing techniques further reduce the need for hospital supervision, given there’s more risk when people stay overnight at hospitals. In addition, advanced anesthesia and blood management techniques reduce the need for hospital supervision to manage the side effects of surgery.

Everything is patient-focused and designed for people who are motivated to recover quickly

White Fence Surgical Suites is where everything is patient-focused and designed for people who are motivated to recover quickly. Safety and comfort are our top priorities. Doctors utilize a multimodal approach to manage and minimize pain with limited use of narcotics. These include nerve blocks, steroids, oral pain medications, injections and anti-inflammatory medications.

Regional anesthesia helps improve recovery time

The key to the quick recovery time is the advancement in these anesthesia techniques. The doctors at White Fence Surgical Suites take full advantage of regional anesthesia in which we numb only certain parts of the body. This provides better relief with fewer side effects. We do all we can to not limit mobility. Within weeks, many patients are biking, walking, hiking, playing golf and playing tennis—pain free.


Changing the way people think of health care

Patients are asked to arrive about 90 minutes before their surgery. After the procedure, patients are monitored in a post-anesthesia suite and then moved to a recovery unit where nurses watch vital signs, check for nausea and make sure pain is under control.

Simply put, people get better faster at home; they can recover without being hassled by nurses, blood draws, beeps and being hooked up to machines. White Fence Surgical Suites is changing the way people think of health care, one surgery at a time.