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Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery consists of a specially designed ball and socket that replaces your worn hip joint. The ball and stem replace the worn ball of your thighbone (femur). A cup replaces the rough hip socket (pelvis). The implant has smooth surfaces that fit together and allow the ball to move easily and painlessly within the socket, much like a healthy hip.

We utilize the following minimally invasive techniques to treat a problem hip which can often result in quicker recovery times.

thr1Anterior Supine Intramuscular (ASI) approachhit_replacement

A minimally invasive technique to hip replacement designed to preserve muscles and reduce trauma to the surrounding tissues. Surgeons at White Fence Surgical Suites have vast experience with this muscle sparing approach resulting in faster recovery. Unique to this approach, there are no post-operative restrictions for most patients. Patients are able to sleep in any position, sit on low chairs, sit on a toilet seat, cross their legs, and ambulate without assistance and do stairs as soon as possible.